The direction of CUPRUM, S.A., intent on providing to its clients the best service (mould tubes refurbishing and engineering and production of continuous casting equipment and services) and leading and conducting the practice of Quality Assurance, establishes the following basic guidelines of its activity as follows:

  • to Communicate to the whole organization the meaning of the Policy so that it can be effectively developed.
  • to Involve our suppliers and subcontracted companies as a part of our Quality Assurance System.
  • to Satisfy permanently the requirements of our clients and interested parties by means of a personalized and specific service so that our supply can meet all their needs and expectations.
  • to Assure the education, information and integration of the staff to produce the most in the safest and most comfortable conditions.
  • to Provide the Quality Assurance System with the necessary resources for an optimum operation.
  • to work in the Continuous Improvement of our Organization.
  • to establish, review and update the goals of the Organization.

19th December 2019