We provide personalized solutions and services to help our customers achieve their goals in all issues related to the copper mould and other areas in their CCM

Cuprum, S.A., was created in 1987 to assist steel makers by recycling all kind of copper moulds used in the steel industry. This way customers could reuse their mould tubes reducing production costs, try new tappers and other geometry modifications to improve performance, durability, etc.

Cuprum also supplied top quality water jackets and other spares around the mould for both steel makers and CCM builders.

In recent years Cuprum has widened its scope of supply, achieving success in the engineering and supply of revampings of existing machines (including new casting sections (new mould housings, plates, water jacket, mould tubes, templates, dummy bar heads, foot rollers, etc.), mould plates to mould tube (and viceversa) modifications, transformation of mechanical to hydraulical mould oscillation, movable slag box system, mould automatic  lubrification, head and tail deburring system, metallurgical studies and solutions to address customer’s needs regarding quality improvement, production, safety, etc.